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Bytesize – 0x1D (2015).

Since next week I’m hosting a ray tracing extravaganza on that other site, I’d thought I’d keep this Bytesize gaming-oriented.

  1. If consoles can’t crack China, their future is limited by Rob Fahey, – This is such a well-written article. My favorite quote: “You can’t spend vastly more money making something unless your audience either gets bigger, or more willing to pay, and there’s little evidence of either of those things in the console world right now”. I’ve always said game consoles need to adopt new technologies like ray tracing and/or enter new regions in order to survive the mobile onslaught.
  2. Commodore Making Comeback With Smartphone That Runs Classic Game by Oscar Dayus, GameSpot – I used to dream about owning a Commodore 64 ; this phone however? Not so much.
  3. New Horizons Used A Playstation CPU To Fly By Pluto by Erik Kain, Forbes – Star trekking, made possible by MIPS!#PlutoFlyby
  4. Develop Awards 2015: The winners revealed by James Batchelor, Develop
  5. The world’s best virtual reality bomb defusing game is now on Gear VR by Adi Robertson, The Verge – This looks silly but it is actually how gaming can (re-)become a social activity.
  6. GameBench shows iPhone 6 beats Galaxy S6 in game performance & better looking graphics by Daniel Eran Dilger – Ooops.
  7. AngelScript 2.30.1 is out by Andreas Jonsson, – I’m very happy to have contributed to this release and I’m glad to see MIPS getting support for Linux and Android.
  8. The serious science (and business) of gaming by Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC – When I was in university, a guest speaker once told us the story of how we made his first million dollars. Apparently, he created a game to train a basketball player’s tactical skills and sold it to high school kids in the US, making a fortune in the process.