in General

New beginnings.

Welcome to the jungle. And to the first article on my brand new blog.

Every week, I intend to post a round-up of eight interesting/weird/amusing/etc. news stories collated (mostly) from the technology and semiconductor industry in a segment called Bytesize.

Bytesize - technology on a weekly biscuitI’ll also keep a journal of my travels, offering an insider’s view into International CES, Mobile World Congress, Game Developers Conference, the Imagination Summits and the many, many other trade expos and events I attend every year.

From time to time, I will try to spend a bit of my time talking about some of the bigger trends in technology and offer additional insight into my day-to-day work. Speaking of editorial labor, you can still follow what my other online persona is writing about here.

If there is any particular topic you’d like me to cover in the future, please leave a comment in the rectangular box below.