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cannot compute.

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro reignited the debate about the metaverse - what is it going to do for us and when should we expect it to arrive?

A recent survey from McKinsey found that a majority of American consumers are familiar with the metaverse, and many expect it to become a significant part of their lives. The survey also found that consumers have a good understanding of what the metaverse is: 47% of respondents described it accurately, using terms such as “immersive,” “interactive,” or a “scaled network.” While some saw it as a fully immersive virtual world, others predicted it would become a more gamified version of the internet.

However, as companies begin to build and explore the metaverse, we should try to avoid predicting its long-term future based on the early experiments of today.

What do you think about the metaverse? How do you think it will impact the way we live and work?

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